Italy’s Minister of Culture Promises Resources to Rebuild Theater in Mariupol

By Francisco Salazar

Italy’s Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini has promised Ukraine the resources to rebuild the theater in Mariupol.

Franceschini took to social media and said, “Italy is ready to rebuild the Theatre of Mariupol. The cabinet of Ministers has approved my proposal to offer Ukraine the resources and means to rebuild it as soon as possible. Theaters of all countries belong to the whole humanity.”

The offer comes a day after the Russian army bombed the theater where 1,300 civilians were taking shelter and hiding amid the Russian siege on Mariupol.

According to reports from CNN, 130 people have been rescued.

The theater in Mariupol is the second major cultural institution to be attacked since the War in Ukraine began. On March 2, the Kharkiv Opera was severely damaged after a missile hit Freedom Square in the City of Kharkiv.