Isabel Leonard, Peabody Southwell, Talise Trevigne, Edward Nelson Headline Long Beach Opera’s Revised 2021 Season

By David Salazar

Long Beach Opera in California has announced a revised 2021 season, which will include three productions in total.

Two of the productions have been adapted to be presented as outdoor showcases.

The season kicks off with Philip Glass’ “Les Enfants Terribles” directed by James Darrah and conducted by Christopher Rountree. This opera will be presented as an immersive drive-in opera at the roof of a parking garage of a shopping center in Long Beach.

The opera stars baritone Edward Nelson as Paul, soprano Anna Schubert as Elisabeth, mezzo-soprano Sarah Beaty as Dargelos / Agathe, and tenor Orson Van Gay as Gerard.

Performance Dates: May 21- 23, 2021 

Next up is the world premiere of “desert in,” created by Ellen Reid, Christopher Oscar Peña, and James Darrah. The opera, which is co-produced with Boston Lyric Opera, will star Isabel Leonard, Talise Trevigne, and Justin Vivian Bond. Audiences can check out the opera series on

Streaming Dates: June 2021

Finally, the company will showcase Schoenberg’s “Pierrot Lunaire” and Kate Soper’s “Voices from the Killing Jar.” The double bill will be directed by Danielle Agami and Zoe Aja Moore, with Jenny Wong conducting. The double bill was conceived by Yuval Sharon and will be presented at an amphitheater in Los Angeles. “Pierrot Lunaire” will star Peabody Southwell and Danielle Agami’s Ate9, while Laurel Irene will headline “Voices.”

Performance Dates: August 14 & 15, 2021