Irish National Opera To Present First Irish Performance Of Vivaldi Opera

By Francisco Salazar

In October, Tom Creed will direct a new production of Vivaldi’s “Griselda” at the Irish National Opera, marking the first-ever Irish performance of any of the operas written by Antonio Vivaldi.

In a press statement, conductor Peter Whelan said, “We are very excited to present the first Vivaldi opera to be performed in Ireland. ‘Griselda’ is one of Vivaldi’s greatest masterpieces: feel-good music that bursts with Italianate primary colors. In showstopper arias, such as ‘Agitata da due venti’ and ‘Dopo un’orrida procella,’ Vivaldi demands that the voice be every bit as agile and virtuosic as the solo violin in his Four Seasons. But it is the touching, heart-on-sleeve pathos of some of the slow arias which will most surprise listeners new to this music.”

Meanwhile, INO’s artistic director, Fergus Sheil said, “I adore Vivaldi’s music and can never understand why his operas are not more widely known. I enjoy the rhythmic spring, the lyrical lines, the sudden shifts of tone and the musical textures that are 100 percent Italian in flavor. If I’m honest, I also love the over-the-top gymnastics that Vivaldi dishes out to his singers. I take my hat off to anyone who signs up for this fiendish music. As an audience member, I can’t wait to sit back and marvel at the show. One of the joys of programming opera is that, as well as offering our audiences great repertoire that they know and love, we can also introduce people to completely new experiences.”

INO’s new production opens on Oct. 12 through Oct. 27, 2019.