Irina Sherazadashvili to Headline Tsinandali Festival 2023

By David Salazar

Mezzo-soprano Irina Sherazadashvili will perform at the fifth edition of the Tsinandali Festival.

The mezzo will perform on Sept. 2, 2023 alongside pianists Nino Jvania, Alexander Malofeyev, and Behzod Abduriamov. Their program features works by Rachmaninoff including “In the Silence of the Secret Night” (Op. 4, No. 3), “Sing not to Me, Beautiful Maiden (Georgian Song)” (Op. 4, No. 4), “I Have Grown Fond of Sorrow” (Op. 8, No. 4), “I Long for Thee” (Op. 14, No. 1), “Spring Waters” (Op. 14, No. 11), “They Answered” (Op. 21, No. 4), “Lilacs” (Op. 21, No. 5), “How Fair This Spot” (Op. 21, No. 7), “Melody” (Op. 21, No. 9), “He Took All From Me” (Op. 26, No. 2), and “Before My Window” (Op. 26, No. 10).

The festival opens on August 31 and runs for 11 days through Sept. 10.

“We are delighted to present another edition of the Tsinandali Festival. The Festival has quickly established itself as a celebration of not only great artists who love to appear here, but as an agent for hope as it brings together young artists from across the region to live, rehearse, listen, and create something that will not only change them but also all who experience them. We are indebted to the vision and support of George Ramishvili and his team,” said Artistic Directors Martin Engstroem and Avi Shoshani in an official statement.