Ireland To Get National Opera Company

By David Salazar

Ireland is about to get a new opera company.

Per the Irish Times, the Opera Theatre Company and Wide Open Opera are set to merge into a company that will be the Irish Arts Council’s “preferred provider of main-scale opera in Dublin from 2018.” This merger is the result of the Arts Council’s Opera Policy 2016.

“Along with the growth of smaller-scale touring opera and our ongoing support of independent and emerging opera artists and producers, it will improve significantly the opera offering for audiences, and open up greater opportunity for artists,” Arts Council’s chair Sheila Pratschke said about the policy.

This is a long time coming as Dublin’s main opera company, Opera Ireland, ceased to exist in 2010 to make way for the new Irish National Opera company that never actually came to fruition.

The void left by Opera Ireland was slowly filled by smaller projects, including Wide Open Opera. According to the report, the opera budget is set to rise by one million euros from 3.81 million euros to 4.85 million euros.