International Contemporary Ensemble to Present ‘World Premieres & Recent Works’ at Chelsea Factory

By David Salazar

The International Contemporary Ensemble will present “World Premieres & Recent Works” on April 3 at Chelsea Factory in New York City.

The showcase, featuring vocalists Alice Teyssier and Fay Victor, starts at 7:30 p.m. and spotlights several unique works by Bonita Oliver, Sylvain Souklaye, Fay Victor, Cathy Berberian, Nathan Davis, and Clara Warnaar.

There will be three world premieres on the program including Oliver’s “FOR NAMESAKE,” Souklaye’s “What is Left Inside?” and Davis and Warnaar’s “Estuary.”

“FOR NAMES SAME” “is an invitation to look into one’s own last name journey with curiosity and intention.” Meanwhile, Soukaye’s work “focuses on the origin of language and the discovery of phrases – creating a sociological experience for the audience. In this work, Soulaye crafts a conversation where his body is an instrument as a way to manifest and represent its relationship to the outside world from within.”

Finally, “Estuary” “explores the idea of an estuary as a metaphor for interconnectedness – a place of merging and transience where new identities form as the musicians sample acoustic sounds from each other during the performance.”

The program also features Berberian’s “Stripdody” and “Victor’s “BassoonIIBassoon.”