Interlochen Center for the Arts to Launch New Online Courses

By David Salazar

Michigan-based Interlochen Center for the Arts is set to launch a unique new online program.

Interlochen Online will feature six online courses aimed at creating a varied approach to music learning.

Among the courses that will be on offer are “Musical Theatre: Performing a Song,” “Recording and Producing Music for Beginners,” “Songwriting for Beginners,” “Acting Basics,” “Creative Writing Techniques: Fabulist Fiction,” and “Music Theory Basics.”

“As technology evolves, online platforms have become increasingly viable—and desirable—avenues for arts education,” said Interlochen Center for the Arts President Trey Devey in an official press statement issued by the organization. “Through Interlochen Online, we hope to remove geographical, socioeconomic, and temporal barriers to studying the arts and share our world-class programs and faculty with students around the globe.”

There will be online courses and private lessons. Each week, students will be tasked with completing certain learning activities with guidance from faculty and the online team as well as their peers, and their instructor.

With the private lessons, students will get one-on-one training with faculty for such courses as acting, college admissions advising, creative writing, film & new media, music, musical theatre, and visual arts.