Innsbruck Festival of Early Music Moves Forward With 2020 Edition

By David Salazar
(Credit: Rupert Larl)

The Innsbruck Festival of Early Music has confirmed that it will move forward with its 2020 edition featuring the three opera productions it had originally scheduled, albeit in “adapted form.”

“Leonora” will be showcased in a concert version at the Tiroler Landestheater while “La Pellegrina” will be showcased in a concertante performance at the Haus der Musik Innsbruck.

Finally, “L’empio Punito” will take place at Haus der Musik Innsbruk as well.

“Event locations will be changed, seating plans adapted to the new specifications, stage setups rethought and entire productions redesigned to take distance regulations into account,” noted Managing Director Eva-Maria Sens in a press release. “With the usual heart and soul of the festival and an extra portion of commitment, we are all taking up this challenge together to create an unforgettable festival for our artists and visitors.”

The Austrian festival will start on July 31 and run through August 30. For more information on the company’s schedule, click here.