Innova Recordings Reimagines the ‘Record Label’

By Francisco Salazar

Innova Recordings, the in-house record label of American Composers Forum (ACF), has announced its first national call for recording artists and their projects.

The national call and its curatorial process will provide a new, more transparent, equitable process for artists from diverse backgrounds and musical approaches to be supported by the label. The Sorel Organization will provide funding and important support for artists of underrepresented genders on the label.

Innova Recordings is evolving to be more than a label and the new model will foster collaborations with artists throughout the entire process of recording projects, from conception, to release, to promotion.

A panel of curators who reflect diverse backgrounds, races, gender identities, and musical approaches will select projects for the label and there will be no fee for artists to apply and – new for this model – no administrative fee will be required for artists selected for the label. Artists selected will receive support from innova for both the production and promotion of their music at no cost at every step of the process.

In a statement ACF President & CEO, Vanessa Rose said, “For nearly 40 years, innova Recordings has served as the recording label for an incredible array of artists. We know how invaluable having a recording that is both well-produced and promoted is for every artist, as well as how many barriers there are to obtain that. We hope this dynamic change offers a transformative platform for artists we have been missing on recordings by making the label more accessible and by involving more people in the recruitment and decision-making process. We are grateful for the Sorel Organization’s partnership in making this possible.”