INAEM Has Begun Analyzing Reopening for Theaters & Performance Venues

By David Salazar

El Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y la Música has initiated a process that aims to establish a timetable for the reopening of theaters throughout Spain.

In an official press release, the organization, which is responsible for such organizations as the Auditoria National and the Teatro de la Zarzuela, stated that it was engaged in two separate conversations relating processes on how to reopen its theaters in a manner that best serves the public health.

In the first of these meetings, the organization is meeting with such companies as FAETESA, FECED, CIRCO RED, CONARTE, ÓPERA XXI, and UPAAC, among others. This group is focused on analyzing the reopening of theaters and other closes venues for theater, dance, and circus performances.

The second group, which is focusing on the reopening of theaters, auditoriums, rehearsal spaces, and other halls specialized in musical performances such as concerts and operas, features ÓPERA XXI, AEOS, FESTCLÁSICA, ES_MÚSICA, la Red Española de Teatros, Auditorios, Circuitos y Festivales.