IN Series to Stream Unique ‘Butterfly’ Production

By David Salazar

The IN Series will be bringing its acclaimed production of “Butterfly” to an online streaming service over the coming months.

To kick off the streaming program, the company will showcase its recent production of “Butterfly,” which was hailed by Anne Midgette as shedding “new light on music I loved, was both moving and thought-provoking, and offered strong performances of beautiful music, which is all one hopes for from an evening of opera.”

The production, which was featured in September of 2019, featured the famed Puccini opera “Madama Butterfly” from a new perspective in both English and Italian with an aim of stripping the work of its exoticism.

It featured a cast headlined by Maribeth Diggle, Amanda Pameiro, Elizabeth Mondragon, Brian Arreola, Nelson Ebo, and Erik Grendahl. Jessica Krash conducted and performed at the piano in a production by Timothy Nelson.

Audiences can check out the full production here.

Check out the trailer below.