IlluminArts to Present ‘Turn of the Screw’ at Vizcaya Gardens

By David Salazar

IlluminArts is set to present a multimedia production of Britten’s ‘The Turn of the Screw’ at the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, Florida on Oct. 28 & 31, 2021.

The showcase will be directed by Laine Rettmer and will weave together live video, projects, and historic photographs to support the live performance unfolding in front of audience members. The work will be performed by Karim Sulayman, Christine Lyons, Jaye Simmons, and Elijah McCormack, all under the music direction of Joshua Gersen, who will conduct the Nu Deco Ensemble.

The Vizcaya was created by James Deering between 1914-1922; he spent his winters at the locale until his death in 1925.

“Deering’s gift to us is Vizcaya, and his love of art included contemporary creations. Through IlluminArts and this chamber opera, we continue to be inspired by the imagination of artists,” says Rebecca Peterson, Community Programs Manager at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, in a press statement. “It’s so exciting to see a classic work like “The Turn of the Screw” reimagined to include Vizcaya as a character. I think the inspired creativity of it is something Deering would have appreciated. I’m really looking forward to seeing it come to life!”

IlluminArts will require all audience members to wear masks throughout the performance; K95 masks will be made available for all indoor audience members.