Hungarian State Opera to Premiere Unfinished Works by Beethoven

By David Salazar

The Hungarian State Opera is set to present a double bill of Beethoven’s “König Stephan” and “Die Ruinen von Athen” on Sept. 25, 2021 at the Eiffel Art Studios.

“König Stephan” is an unfinished work that Beethoven created in 1811. He managed an overture and nine movements, all of which have been combined in a production by Pál Oberfrank, who also supplements the original libretto with excerpts from Hungarian poets and authors.

Meanwhile, “Die Ruinen von Athen” will be presented in a reworking by Strauss and von Hofmannsthal. This version of the work will also include choreography by Marianna Venekei.

The double bill will star Pál Oberfrank as King Stephen as well as Kinga Varga Fekete, András Kőrösi, István Rácz, Zoltán Nagy, Viktória Avedikian, Zita Váradi, Zsófia Papp,  and dancers of the Hungarian National Ballet. Péter Oberfrank conducts the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra and Chorus.