Hui He Headlines Verona Concert

By Francisco Salazar

On June 15, 2020, soprano Hui He will perform a concert organized by the Music Association VeronaLirica.

The concert, which marks one of the first performances in Italy with an audience since the breakout of COVID-19, will be held at the St. Zeno Abbey, Verona.

The event will be open to members of VeronaLirica and will be limited to 100 people.

The soprano will be accompanied by the Verona String Quartet and pianist Roberto Corlianò in excerpts from “Manon Lescaut” and “Andrea Chenier,” as well as other Italian arias.

“I’m really happy to participate in this concert and to give my voice to Verona, a city to which I’m attached to,” Hui He stated in a press statement. “The emotion of this occasion is like that of a big premiere. Singing for an audience again is a special gift, and in this period, I understood more and more the richness and luck of doing this job. In these three months of silence, I dedicated my daily life to taking care of my voice, studying to get better, deepening my understanding of roles that I already sang, and preparing myself for my next debuts. I also had the time to dedicate my attention to my second passion, painting, and I created more than twenty. Art can make us better and we restart with great hope.”