Historia de una Semilla to Kick off ABAO Txiki’s 2022-23 Season

By Nicolas Quiroga

Historia de una Semilla” will inaugurates the AXVIII Season of ABAO Txiki on Oct. 22-24, 2022.

The showcase, which will be presented in collaboration with La Maquiné, an emotional educational and reflection program on abuses against the environment by society, will take place at the Arriaga Theater.

The work features scenery and music by Frederic Mompou, with Daniel Tarrida and Morten Jespersen at the piano. The work is an opportunity for students and families to stand in solidarity with ecology. The creation, dramaturgy and choreography of puppets is the work of Elisa Ramos and Joaquín Casanova, who is also stage director, scenery, lighting and projections.

This is a show recommended by the Red Nacional de Teatros y Auditorios de Titularidad Pública y por SAREA, Red Vasca de teatros.

The work won the 2019 Alcides Moreno Award for Best Message to Humanity and the Premio Lorca Teatro Andaluz 2018 for best children’s show.