Heartbeat Opera to World Premiere ‘QUANDO’

By David Salazar

Heartbeat Opera is set to present the world premiere of “QUANDO” on April 7, 2022.

The opera film, which will be screened at The McKittrick Hotel in New York City, will be presented in co-production with Long Beach Opera. The work is created and produced by Derrell Acon and features music by Verdi and Gluck as well as “live musical disruption” by Mx. Oww & Jessi Cox.

The audiovisual production will star soprano Lauren Michelle, tenor Brian Vu, and saxophonist Shelley Washington.

“QUANDO” follows a young couple as their night on the town devolves into a “surrealist swirl of decadence intrigue, and ultimately, vengeful justice.” Attendees will see the film screening followed by the same film shown alongside a live musical performance.

There will be additional performances on April 8 and 9, 2022. All attendees must show proof of vaccination and will be required to wear masks throughout the performance.