Hawai’i Opera Theatre Presents ‘I’ll Be Seeing You’ & Returns to Live Performance

By Afton Wooten

Hawai’i Opera Theatre (HOT) will return to in-person performances with “I’ll be Seeing You” at Hawai’i Opera Plaza on Dec. 10 & 12.

This production is the premiere of the 1940s radio hour inspired opera created and directed by Jamie Offenbach, HOT’s Artistic Program Officer. The opera commemorates the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor and celebrates the swing, jazz, big band, and Hawaiian Golden Age that brought comfort to troops and civilians during this time.

In an official statement, Offenbach noted, “I never realized the importance of this era—musically speaking—as it really was an American Musical renaissance that completely changed the course of music, and how much WWII was responsible for delivering that change.”

The opera will star members of the Mae Z. Orvis Oepra Studio program, including Leslie Goldman, Blythe Kelsey, Sydney Branch, Robert Feng, Ian McGuffin, Catherine Morris, and Natalie Riggs.

“We take great pride in the Orvis Opera Studio programs which provide intense, year-round training to local artists from high school to adult. The fruits of that labor shone brightly in our HOT Digital Season and I’m thrilled to continue putting a spotlight on the amazing talent we have right here in Hawaiʻi,” said Hawai’i Opera Theatre General Director Andrew Morgan.