Groupmuse & Ashby Arts Space to World Premiere ‘The Difference’

By David Salazar

Groupmuse and Ashby Arts Space are set to present the world premiere of Lewis Patzner’s “The Difference” on July 23, 2023.

Per an official press statement, the opera will tell the story of a couple that blackmails one of their employers. “The Difference” will star Victoria Fraser and Bradley Kynard alongside the Town Quartet Collective.

“‘The Difference’ is about what happens when people get money. Our heroes take time off, support each other, and ascend to personal and professional heights they had previously thought unattainable,” Lewis told OperaWire. “The music is inspired by the bands I see playing in peoples’ back yards, the modern folk music. In my own voice, I pay homage to them. We have really great musicians involved in the project! Victoria Fraser and Bradley Kynard compliment and contrast each other in beautiful ways. My colleagues in the Town Quartet Collective are amazing.”

The performance will also include a presentation of Bach’s “Cantata Burlesque.”