GFN Productions & Ensemble Classico-Moderne to Present World Premiere of ‘Ariella’

By David Salazar

Canada’s GFN Productions and the Ensemble Classico-Moderne will present the world premiere of “Ariella,” a new opera by Jaap Nico Hamburger.

“Ariella” is based on a libretto by Thomas Beijer which is inspired by the novels of Ariella Kornmehl and explores the transformation of a traditional family after the loss of its matriarch. The opera will star Aline Kutan, Myriam Leblanc, Eric Laporte, and Enzo Sabbagha.

The opera will presented as part of a double bill with Rachmaninoff’s iconic Piano Concerto No. 2. in Toronto on Oct. 22, Montréal on Oct. 28, and Québec on Oct. 29. The piano soloist will be Jean-Philippe Sylvestre.

Hamburger is the Composer in Residence with Mécénat Musica in Montréal and was previously nominated for a JUNO award for Best Classical Composition of the Year in 2022.