Gerhard Siegel & Cheryl Studer Lead Staatsoper Stuttgart’s ‘Condemnation of Lucullus’

By Francisco Salazar

On Nov. 1, Staatsoper Stuttgart will open a new production of Paul Dessau‘s “Condemnation of Lucullus.”

The production will be staged by the theatrical collective Hauen und Stechen will star Gerhard Siegel in the title role of Lucullus.

Legendary soprano Cheryl Studer will also star in the work as Tertullia alongside many of Staatsoper’s ensemble singers including Friedemann Röhlig, Alina Adamski, Torsten Hofmann, Elliott Carlton Hines, Maria Theresa Ullrich, Deborah Saffery, Philipp Nicklaus, Heinz Göhrig, Jasper Leever, Laia Vallés, Clare Tunney, Gina-Lisa Maiwald, Simon Bailey, and Thorbjörn Björnsson.

Bernhard Kontarsky will conduct the orchestra.

“The Condemnation of Lucullus” is based on Bertolt Brecht’s radio play “The interrogation of Lucullus from 1939” which tells the story of the Roman general Lucullus, who after his death is forced to stand trial for his deeds on earth.

The premiere of “The Condemnation of Lucullus” will mark the Staatsoper Stuttgart’s return to full seat capacity.

The production will be performed five times through Nov. 20, 2021.