Fundación Camarín del Carmen – Ópera de Colombia Launch MiUniversOpera

By Francisco Salazar

The Fundación Camarín del Carmen – Ópera de Colombia have launched

The new site was created in order for children and adolescents to learn about opera using creative multimedia content.

“It is a platform that is entertaining and interactive to teach the youth about the world of opera. It is a free platform that will be available to the public and you will only need to register,” René Colorado, director of the Fundación Camarín del Carmen – Ópera de Colombia, stated in a press release.

The platform is configured in chapters and all visitors will be able to create an avatar with who they feel identified and will get a chance to see how an opera is created and what it’s like to sing in a work of lyric theater.

The platform will also focus on repertory staples by such composers as Giacomo Puccini, Gioachino Rossini, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Giuseppe Verdi, among others.