Fresh Squeezed Opera To Present ‘The Female Gaze’

By Francisco Salazar

The Fresh Squeezed Opera is set to present “The Female Gaze.”

The new program will feature the world premieres of three  commissions from Whitney George, Gabrielle Herbst, and Gemma Peacocke.

“The Female Gaze” flips the dominant artistic trope of the male gaze as the creators are women, the protagonists are women, the stories explore the female psyche, and women helm the creative process.

The works, entitled “Lost Without You,” “First Lady of the Air,” and “Invocations,” will feature chamber ensembles filled with electronic music and emphasize the female voice.

“The Female Gaze” will be presented on Feb. 1, 2019 at the Roulette Intermedium in Brooklyn.

The Fresh Squeezed Opera is a company that attempts to present genre-pushing new works of the highest caliber that explore the depths of operatic music. The company is about to present “Fortunato” at the CUNY Grad Center.