Fresh Squeezed Opera Announces Final Vocal Lab Concert

By Nicolas Quiroga

Fresh Squeezed Opera will present the world premiere of four new works by Daniel Aaron Ramírez, Afarin Mansouri, Kendra Harder and Claudia Álvarez, on Sept. 30 as part of the
final concert of Fresh Squeezed Vocal Lab.

Audiences can watch the showcase online via the company’s official website.

Among the works premiered are “The Tragedy of La Llorona”  by Daniel Aaron Ramírez; “Look inside Hypatia” with music by Afarin Mansouri and lyrics by Alan Olejniczak; “But
Rheamann” with music and lyrics by Kendra Harder; and finally Micaela Speaks, with music by Claudia Sofía Álvarez and lyrics by Alfonsina Barrionuevo.

“I like to look for a connection between music and art. I highlight the value of the power of art to connect communities. I manage educational activities for different non-profit organizations,” said Mansouri in an official press statement.

Fresh Squeezed Opera is an ensemble-based opera company presenting only new music with impressive and intimate performances. FSO focuses on producing not only new works but works that resonate with contemporary audiences.