Festival Vicenza in Lirica Announces Two Mozart Works

By Francisco Salazar

The Festival Vicenza in Lirica has announced two operas for its 2021 season.

The Italian festival will present Mozart’s rarely performed oratorio “Betulia Liberata,” which was composed in 1771. The oratorio will inaugurate the festival on August 28, 2021, and it will be the first time the piece is performed at the Teatro Olimpico.

The second work that the festival is set to perform will be Mozart’s “Mitridate, Re di Ponto,” which was composed in 1770. The opera was last performed at the Teatro Olimpico in 1984.

Soloists for “Mitradate” will be cast from the winners of the Tullio Serafin competition organized by the Archivio storico Tullio Serafin and jury members will chose the roles.

The competition finale will take place on June 14 and will see Dominique Meyer (Teatro alla Scala), Marco Tutino (composer), Alessandro Di Gloria (casting manager of the Teatro Massimo di Palermo), Eleonora Pacetti (“Fabbrica” Young Artist Program del Teatro dell’Opera di Roma), Sara Mingardo (Festival Vicenza in Lirica), Andrea Castello (Artistic Director of the Festival Vicenza in Lirica), Wally Santarcangelo (Concorso Ottavio Ziino), Barbara Andreini (Fondazione Renata Tebaldi), and  Marco Angius (Conductor) as jury members.