Festival de Granada Moves Forward With New Program in 2020

By David Salazar

The Festival de Granada will be moving forward with its 2020 showcase, offering up alternative programming.

The event will kick off with a concert on June 25 at the Catedral de Granada with a performance of Mozart’s Requiem dedicated to all the victims of the pandemic. The concert will be led by conductor Andrea Marcon with all proceeds being donated to aid those affected by the crisis.

From there, the programming will kick into gear from July 9-26 with a performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony on the ninth. The remainder of the program will be announced in the days that follow.

The Festival de Granada is the latest program in Spain to announce its intention to reopen in 2020. It follows the Quincena Musical de San Sebastián and Festival International de Santander in moving forward with some version of the 2020 program.