FEDORA 2023 Prize Winners Announced

By David Salazar

Le Cercle Européen des Philanthropes pour l’Opéra et la Danse has announced the winners of the FEDORA prizes for 2023.

Taking home the prize for opera is “Here and There – UNTOLD” by the O. Festival for Opera. Music. Theatre. in Netherlands. The work is composed by Alex Ho and will be directed by Julia Cheng and Rajiv Bhangwanbali.

France’s Le Collectif Meute’s “(EINE) WINTERREISE” won the Education prize. The work is directed by Claire Pasquier with music and performance by Gil Morio. Sarah Théry heads composition, conception, dramaturgy, lyrical singing, and sound design.

The UK’s “The Sound Voice Project,” a collection of opera installations, intended for flexible and interactive spaces, took home the digital project. The work was composed by Hannah Conway with the libretto by Hazel Gould. David Sheppard is the sound designer and Luke Hall is the videographer on the project.