FAWN Chamber Creative To Premiere Opera-Ballet ‘Pandora

By David Salazar

FAWN Chamber Creative will present “Pandora,” a new Canadian opera-ballet.

The opera-ballet is written by David James Brock with music by David Storen, Joseph Glaser, and Kit Soden. The work centers on a character who find an item and he quickly gets drawn into what is inside. The work will be interpreted by tenor Jonathan McArthur and will be directed by Amanda Smith, who is also FAWN’s Founder and Artistic Director.

Other team members for “Pandora” include choreographer Jennifer Nichols, set designer Holly Meyer-Dymny, lighting designer Oz Weaver, and Costume designer Tosca Delfino, among others. Adam Scime will be music director.

“Although this piece isn’t directly about the myth, I imagine that in Pandora we see what happens when the jar, or box, is opened a second time,” Smith noted in a press release. “Hope and good shoots out from a place of isolation and is now mixing in with the darkness that was previously released. The result we see is humanity, with its raw contradictions and complexities.”

“Pandora is set to be performed at Geary Lane in Toronto on May 23, 24, and 25.