Eric Ferring Celebrates National Coming Out Day With New Single

By Francisco Salazar

Eric Ferring is celebrating National Coming Out Day with a new single.

The tenor is commemorating the fay by releasing Ben Moore’s “No Choice But Love,” the title track of his forthcoming double album with pianist Madeline Slettedahl on Lexicon Classics.

Audiences will get to listen to the single on Spotify.

The new album “No Choice but Love: Songs of the LGBTQ+ Community” seeks to highlight diverse LGBTQIA+ voices and perspectives, through revelatory performances of important songs by some of today’s leading composers.

Ferring commissioned the title track, “No Choice but Love” after he sent Moore a poem by a fellow tenor and close friend, Jamaican-American Terrence Chin-Loy.

In a statement, Moore said, “Like every other gay person I’ve ever met, I was given negative messages when I was young. It’s a process to fully accept yourself and see that what we are is natural. Nor is it a choice – it’s based in love.’”

Additionally, Ferring noted, “As members of that community, Madeline and I wanted to pay homage to the beautiful, difficult history of the LGBT+ community within the classical music world by featuring the many talented living and passed LGBT+ composers…We believe that music is a means of expression, an alternative lens through which to interpret reality, and a healing force. We know that we must use our voices to be advocates for those whose voices are ignored or can’t be heard. We as artists must utilize our gifts to be catalysts for change, empowering our networks, and inspiring them to do what they never thought possible.”



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