Elisabeth Kulman Announces the Sale of Personal Items

By Francisco Salazar

Elisabeth Kulman will sell many of her personal items from the last 25 years.

The soprano took to social media to announce the sale and stated, “The countdown is on! On Wednesday, 8pm, it’s time: the sale of my stage wardrobe of the last 25 years begins! Dresses with history and power – from the first concert dress to the Haute Couture. I’d love to pass on my favorite pieces to you! May you enjoy this as much as I have had over the years.

“I want you to feel the power that comes from every single part and pass on the happiness I had with it. All the details on this can be found on my website.”

The mezzo-soprano famously retired from the opera stage in 2015 noting singers were not treated correctly in the industry and stating that the industry as a whole was anti-artist.