Eklund Opera Releases Miraculous ‘Nozze di Figaro’ Performance Online

By David Salazar

(Credit: Patrick Campbell/University of Colorado)

Eklund Opera has released a video performance of “Le Nozze di Figaro” that almost never happened.

The production was originally set for mid-March. On Wednesday, March 11, the cast got together for a dress rehearsal performance. It would be the final time they would get a chance to come together for the opera as all performances were canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

“The cancellation was confirmed at the final dress and the students wanted to gather together afterward to celebrate their work and to commiserate,” said Stage Director Leigh Holman. “They were, and remain, a supportive and loving community of artists. At the restaurant, one voice began the Count’s fourth act line translated as ‘Countess, forgive me;’ then, all of the singers—both casts—joined in singing through their smiles and tears.”

Fortunately, the team later discovered that a high-quality video recording of one of the final dress rehearsals existed and set out to clean it up for public release; the video had been recorded for archival purposes.

That version can be watched on the company’s official website.