Drottingholms Slottsteater to Present Vivaldi’s ‘Il Giustino’

By David Salazar

Swedish theater Drottingholms Slottsteater is set to present Vivaldi’s “Il Giustino” starting on August 6, 2022.

The work will be conducted by Greek maestro George Petrou in his company debut; he is also set to direct.

“When I arrived at Drottningholms Slottsteater for the 1st time, I felt the history of the place overpowering me. The glory of its past is evident in every corner of this theatre,” said Petrou in an official press statement. “Even the spirit of Gustav the 3rd, the ‘Theatre King’ as is known in Sweden is still extremely present. (…) Inspired by the sparkling personality of Gustav the 3rd, we decided to move the action of our ‘Giustino’ to the Gustavian times, creating a fictional baroque fantasy and allowing the Drottningholm Theatre to again play its role as a ‘companion’ to the King’s everyday life. There are all 17th century court elements in Vivaldi’s opera: Ambition, intrigue, love, sex, politics, wars, vanity and lots of rococo lightness and humor, all happening in this unique theatre which works its magic in the lives of the people.”

The opera will star Raffaele Pe as Anastasio, Sofie Asplund as Arianna, Yuriy Myenko as Giustino, Johanna Wallroth as Leocasta, Juan Sancho as Vitaliano, and Linnea Andreassen as Andronico, among others.

There will be a total of eight performances with the run coming to a close on August 20, 2022.