Donizetti Opera Festival Awarded Major Prize

By Francisco Salazar

The Senate budget of Bergamo has approved that Donizetti Opera Festival will be awarded one million euros for the next three years.

Antonio Misiani, the secretary of economy  announced that the festival will receive a yearly amount for the 2020, 2021, and 2022 festivals.  The bill was past in order for the festival to grow in size and in its international presence.

This year, the Donizetti Opera Festival’s attendance rose from 8,491 to 10,293, breaking a previous record. The festival won the Best Festival at the Oper Awards and showcased critically acclaimed productions of “L’Ange de Nisida,” “Lucrezia Borgia,” as well as “Pietro il Grande.”

Next year, the festival has already announced productions of “Marino Faliero” and “La Fille du Régiment.” It is set to announce the full lineup in January.