Donbass Opera Spreads Putin’s Propoganda

By Francisco Salazar

The Donbass Opera is sending a clear sign of support for the Russian Federation.

On Monday, March 14, the company posted pictures of Ballerinas aligned in a Z and in a second picture aligned in a V. The pictures were taken from a recent performance of “La Bayadere” in which the choreography was changed from an S to a Z.

The letter Z has become a symbol of Russian propaganda that is an abbreviation of the phrase “for victory” while the “V” symbol stands for “Our strength is in truth” and “The task will be completed.” The Z is a pro-war symbol and has been described as a variant of Nazi symbolism. Some are evening comparing it to the Swastika.

The theater has been spreading Russian propaganda for the past month and on Feb. 18 it closed down due to a threat by the “Ukrainian Arm Forces.”  The theater said, “due to the threat of aggression against the Donetsk People’s Republic by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in order to ensure the safety of visitors, the theater temporarily suspends its activities from February 18, 2022 and operates closed until further notice.”

On March 1, the theater posted a message from the Head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin in which he said, “It is quite obvious that at the present time there is not just a special operation to provide assistance to the Republics of Donbass. There is a war between good and evil. Ukraine is liberated from Nazi ideology, from militarization, from the criminal Kiev regime. Justice is restored.”

Just hours after the Instagram post, the city of Donetsk was hit with Missile Strikes leaving several injured and killed. Russia is blaming the Ukraine for the attack while Ukraine is currently denying it had anything to do with the attack.