Divaria Productions Teams With Bay Street Theater for ‘Othello; The Opera And Play Enmeshed’

By David Salazar

Bay Street Theater and Divaria Productions are joining forces to put on a production of “Othello: The Opera and Play Enmeshed.”

The event is set for Saturday, Sept. 14 in New York City. The production is set to to put a spotlight on one of the most famous stories ever written and its unique interpretations across different art forms. 

Leland Gantt and tenor Limmie Pulliam will take on the title role. Rivka Borek and soprano Ashley Galvani Bell will portray Desdemona. Finally, Michal Gizinski and baritone Kidon Choi will play Iago. 

The production will be co-directed by Antón Armendariz and Andrew Bell. 

We’ve grounded our staging of ‘Othello’ in World War II, a period where heroes abound, and unexpected villains lurk on every corner,” noted co-director Bell in a press release. “It’s an uncertain time period where one’s ethnicity divides and one’s loyalty is always being put to the test. Religion historically was more of a driving force in skirmishes of yesteryear, but it is in the dark days of World War II, where one’s identity is under assault and determines one’s fate.”