Derek Welton, Pene Pati & Hilary Summers Lead Theater Dortmund’s 2020-21 Season

By Francisco Salazar

The Theater Dortmund in Germany has announced its 2020-21 season featuring a number of premieres from modern masterpieces to classics repertory staples.


Bizet’s Carmen gets a new production by Nikolaus Habjan with Montonori Kobayashi conducting. The production is set to star Marie Karall and Maria Boiko in the title role, James Lee and Young Woo Kim as Don Jose, Anna Sohn and Irina Simmes as Michaela, and Mandia Mndebele and Morgan Moody as Escamillo.

Performance Dates: August 30, 2020-Feb. 26, 2021

Gil Mehmert directs “Cabaret” with Christoph JK Muller conducting the acclaimed musical. The production is set to star Rob Pelzer, Ruth Brauer-Kvam, Bettina Monch, Sybille Lambrich, Jorn-Felix Alt, Angelika Milster, and Tom Zahner.

Performance Dates: Sept. 27-May 24, 2021

John AdamsNixon in China makes its Dortmund premiere in a new production by Martin G. Berger conducted by Philipp Armbruster. Petr Sokolov sings the title role alongside Irina Simmes, James Lee, Anna Sohn, Sooyeon Lee, and Morgan Moody.

Performance Dates: Nov. 8, 2020-Jan. 7, 2021

Fritz Steinbacher, Irina Simmes, Sooyeon Lee, Matthias Stormer, Maria Boiko, Sungho Kim, Morgan Moody, Christian Pienaar, and Blazej Grek star in Strauss’ Die Fledermaus. The new production is directed by Aron Stiehl with Montonori Kobayashi conducting.

Performance Dates: Dec. 6, 2020-March 24, 2021

“Frédégonde” which marks a collaboration between Ernst Guiraud, Paul Dukas und Camille Saint-Saëns, will star Marie Karall, Hyona Kim, Anna Sohn, Pene Pati, James Lee, Sungho Kim, Denis Velev, and Mandla Mndebele.

Gabriel Feltz conducts the production by Marie-Eve Signeyrole. The opera will also be shown to commemorate the 100 years of Saint-Saëns’s death.

Performance Dates: Jan. 16-May 27, 2021

Bernhard Lang’s “Der Hetzer” gets its world premiere with Mandla Mndebele, Hagen Matzeit, Irina Simmes, Hyona Kim, Fritz Steinbacher, Morgan Moody, and Denis Velev. Philip Armsbruster conducts the work with a production by Kai Anne.

Performance Dates: March 21-May 26, 2021

Theater Dortmund continues its Ring initiative with Die Walküre  with Gabriel Feltz conducting Peter Konwitschny’s production. The production stars Stephanie Muther, Derek Welton, Astrid Kessler, Viktor Antipenko, Hyona Kim, and Denis Velev.

Performance Dates: May 13,-June 13, 2021

Offenbach’s “Orpheus in der Unterwelt” will be directed by Alexander Becker with Christopher JK Muller conductor.

Premiere Date: June 4, 2021

Kurtag’s “Fin de Partie” receives its company premiere in a production by Ingo Kerkhof. Johannes Kalitzke conducts the work starring Frode Olsen, Morgan Moody, Hilary Summers, and Sungho Kim.

Performance Dates: June 24-27, 2021

Junge Oper

Thierry Tidrow and Illaria Lanzino’s “Kirsas Musik” stars Marcelo de Souza Felix, Ruth Katharina Peeck, and Anna Lucia Struck with Tidrow conducting and Lanzino directing.

Premiere Date: Sept. 9, 2020

Thierry Tidrow and Zsofia Gereb’s “Persona” is set to star Ruth Katharina Peeck, Anna Lucia Struck, Marcelo de Souza Felix with Satomi Nishi conducting and Gereb direcitng.

Performance Dates: May 22-June 11, 2021

Theirry Tidrow’s “Nils Karlsson Daumling” will be presented with Annika Boos.

Premiere Date: Jan. 17, 2021

The season will include Festivals Beyond Opera 21, We Do Opera! and Macht und Manipulation among other programs.