Denmark Politicans Call on Musikhuset Aarhus to Cancel Anna Netrebko’s Concert

By Francisco Salazar
(Credit: Tim Osipov)

Anna Netrebko’s Feb. 25 concert in Denmark is causing a stir with numerous politicians calling for the concert to be canceled.

The soprano, who is set to perform at the Musikhuset Aarhus, has been under scrutiny for her previous political views and for her support for Putin.

In a statement Rabih Azad-Ahmad, councilor in Aarhus Municipality’s culture and citizen service said, “the situation in Ukraine is historic and requires us to stand together to say no. Normally, I am in favor of keeping culture and politics separate, but there is nothing normal in Russian aggression, and therefore we should step in where we can. If UEFA can move the Champions League final, we should also be able to cancel performances in the Music House.

The front person for the culture committee in Aarhus Mette Bjerre also spoke in favor of canceling the concert. 

In response to boycotts and cancelations, the Artistic Director of the Musikhuset, Jeppe Uggerhøj said, “Of course, we are also affected by the situation, but we want to separate art and politics. Anna Netrebko is one of the most talented opera singers and booked for purely artistic reasons.”

Over the next month, Netrebko is set to appear in Hamburg, the Teatro alla Scala, and Opernhaus Zürich.