David Beucher & Magda Beucher Release New ‘La Traviata’ Music Video

By Francisco Salazar

Tenor David Beucher and soprano Magda Beucher have released their second music video in a series inspired to give hope to opera lovers.

The couple, who was left out of work due to the pandemic, released a music video to “Libiamo” from Verdi’s “La Traviata” and stated, “we want to give hope and sun for the new year 2021!”

It comes a few months after the release of the first video in which they both performed Offenbach’s “Barcarolle.”

As with the first music video, this one saw the couple do themselves from the drone flights, video editing, and audio.

David and Magda have performed all over the world in Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, and Spain. Magda has performed at the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, Warsaw Chamber Opera, and Teatro La Nuova Fenice while David has performed at the Maiolati Spotini Festival, Baltic Opera, and Festival Aix-En-Provence.