Dario Salvi Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Complete Recording of Rare / Unrecorded Meyerbeer Operas

By Dejan Vukosavljevic

Conductor Dario Salvi has launched a crowdfunding campaign to complete his project of recording the rare and missing operatic works by the famed composer Giacomo Meyerbeer.

The recordings, which were originally slated to record in 2020, were ultimately delayed due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Instead, the project is now aiming for completion in  2021-22.

The CD will feature Meyerbeer’s ballet “Der Fischer und das Milchmädchen,“ and the overture for the opera that the famed composer wrote alongside his mentor Abbe Vogler, “Der Admiral.” The CD will also showcase prelude to “Das Brandenburger Tor,” and “Wirth und Gast Marsch,” two of Meyerbeer’s missing operatic works.

The score for the ballet “Der Fischer und das Milchmädchen“ was thought to be destroyed during the long years of the Nazi rule, and the score for opera “Der Admiral” has been recently found in the Berlin Public Library.

Conductor Dario Salvi will lead the Czech Chamber Orchestra (Pardubice) in the recording.

Salvi and Robert Letellier started the project three years ago with a recording of Meyerbeer’s “Sacred Works.” The album was released by Naxos in 2019, and featured the Neue Preußische Philharmonie and soprano Andrea Chudak. Salvi conducted, and Jakub Sawicki performed at the piano and organ.

The project continued with the recording of Meyerbeer’s first opera “Jephta’s Gelübde,” which is due for release in March 2021 on the Naxos label. The CD was realized in collaboration between the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus, and a cast of German soloists.

You can support the crowdfunding campaign here.


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