Cutting Edge Concerts New Music Festival & Mostly Modern Projects to Present ‘Kings, Giants & Robots’

By David Salazar

Cutting Edge Concerts New Music Festival will team up with Mostly Modern Projects to present “Kings, Giants & Robots.”

The showcase will feature Victoria Bond’s  puppet operetta “How Gulliver Returned Home in a Manner that was Very Not Direct” as well as Herschel Garfein’s “King of the River” and Robert Paterson’s one-act opera “The Companion.”

The trilogy of works will be performed on May 13, 2022 at the Sheen Center in New York City with a cast starring soprano Ariadne Greif, tenor Glenn Seven Allen, and baritone Jonathan Green. Bond herself will conduct the American Modern Ensemble for her work while Geoffrey Andrew McDonald will conduct the other two vocal pieces.

Doug Fitch directs Bond’s work while John de los Santos will direct “The Companion.

“Doug Fitch’s puppet creations and stage direction brings the first scene of our puppet operetta to life. I am thrilled that both he and librettist Stephen Greco are part of the creative team,” Bond said in an official press statement.