CrossOpera: Otherness: Fear and Discovery to Premiere in Italy, Austria & Serbia

By Francisco Salazar

On Dec. 3, “CrossOpera: Otherness: fear and discovery” will make its world premiere.

The project is a project winner of EU Creative Europe program cooperation grant 2017 and is a collaboration between three opera theaters from three different countries, Teatro Comunale di Modena in Italy, Landestheater Linz in Austria, and Serbian National Theater from Novi Sad, Serbia.

The works will be composed by Luigi Cinque, Jasmina Mitrušić and Valentin Ruckebier with libretti by Sandro Cappelletto, Jasmina Mitrušić, and Hermann Schneider.

The production is set to be conducted Djorjde Pavlovíc and directed by Gregor Horres. Evgenija Jeremić stars alongside Idil Karabulut, Dalila Đjenić, Florian Wugk, Eugenio Degiacomi, and Strahinja Đokić.

The main action of the project is to co-produce a new opera whose three acts will develop short stories commissioned to three different composers representing each country. All composers will work on the same given subject, “Otherness: fear and discovery,” sensitive to intercultural clash and integration. The subject of the work will develop three different stories concerning the recent immigration towards the countries of the European Union.

The production will open on Dec. 3 and 5, 2021, at the Teatro Comunale di Modena, Italy. The opera will be performed at the Landestheater Linz, Austria on Dec. 10 and 12, and at the Serbian National Theater Novi Sad, Serbia on Jan. 20 and 22, 2021.