Connectforce Community CIC Launches Musical Companion Program for Seniors Living with Dementia

By Chris Ruel

The social venture Connectforce Community CIC has launched Musical Companions, a pandemic-inspired program that engages seniors living with dementia in care homes or independently.

Singers, musicians, and professional performers pair with adults living with dementia and meet virtually to sing, listen, and link generations through the enjoyment of music.

The six-week program launched in Camden and other London Boroughs in late January 2023. All Musical Companions are DBS vetted, fully trained, and matched to each individual from a roster of over 100 artists.

“Musical Companions is an opportunity to use the magic of music to connect people across generations. We have experienced first-hand the connections built – it’s truly magical to witness the power of music in overcoming social barriers. We can’t wait to expand this opportunity to harness more artists’ unique skills to spread joy to the most vulnerable in our society,” said Victoria Basten, co-founder, and Performing Arts Tutor, in an official press statement.

Dementia affects 885,000 UK residents, and by 2040, that number will double. Studies show that functional deterioration increases with isolation and lack of support. Music activates several brain regions and helps people express emotions and recall memories, while Companions address loneliness.