Composer Victoria Bond To Preview ‘The Adventures of Gulliver’ Opera

By David Salazar

Composer Victoria Bond is set to showcase her next work “The Adventures of Gulliver” in a preview version at the Cutting Edge Concerts New Music Festival in Symphony Space on Monday, Feb. 18, 2019.

Per a press release, the program will feature sections of the upcoming opera, which was written by Stephen Greco, in addition to other pieces by Bond. The opera is set to feature soprano Ariadne Greif as Mrs. Gulliver, tenor Sean Christensen as Young Gulliver, baritone Michael Kelly as Old Gulliver, mezzo-soprano Yoojin Lee as Glumdalclitch, tenor David Charles Tay as Lilliputian King, and baritone Jonathan Hare as Houyhnhnm. Marc Peloquin will accompany at the piano.

The program will also include a Quintet by Phillip Glass and “Pennipotenti” by Maria Newman. Bond’s own “Simeron Kremate” will get a New York premiere.

In addition to her work on “The Adventures of Gulliver,” Bond is set to premiere her own opera based on the life of Clara Schumann, entited “Clara.”