Composer Nathan Felix Unveils His New ‘Headphone Opera’

By David Salazar

Composer Nathan Felix has released a recorded performance of his “The War Bride,” which he has categorized as a “headphone opera.”

Per a press release, the seven act work is meant to be listened to on headphones and “allows the audience to hear the entire ‘live’ performance via their headphones which will be given out before the concert. Through the headphones, each listener can hear music that is being performed live and they can choose to follow the singers, follow the actors or they can simply explore and create their own experience.”

The work tells the story of a World War II bride from Britain as she takes on the challenges of immigration to the U.S. The performance featured performances by soprano Elise Miller, baritone Jeremiah Drake, and tenor James Dykman.

Here is a clip from the work.