Composer & Mezzo-Soprano Lisa Neher Launches One Voice Project Micro Opera Festival

By David Salazar

Composer and mezzo-soprano, Lisa Neher is set to launch the One Voice Project Micro Opera Festival this March.

Between March 22-26, Neher will present several works she composed to libretti by Kendra Preston Leonard including “Woman Waits With Sword,” “Momentum,” “Wide Awake in the New City,” “Now Available,” and “Par for the Course.”

“During the pandemic, I spoke to so many singers who were yearning for an artistic outlet, a way to connect with audiences and share their artistic brilliance, particularly in the form of opera: storytelling, stage movement, and theatre,” Neher told OperaWire about the inspiration for the project. “Traditional opera will likely be one of the last performance forms that will be safe to return to, because of the performing forces and the “super spreader” nature of singing. While I couldn’t fix the canceled gigs or the income loss all on my own, I did realize we could work together to channel their talents and connect them with audiences.”

Neher will also perform alongside such artists as Zach Finkelstein, Margaret O’Connell, Hugo Vera, and Audrey Yoder.

There will also be a Talkback and Q&A Reception with Artists scheduled for March 26, 2021.

“My mission as a composer and performer is to invite audiences into a place of connection, inspiration, and open-heartedness. Story, particularly musically infused story, is such a powerful medium to feel connected to each other and to stand in one another’s shoes—to see and to be seen,” concluded Neher. “I hope audiences see something of themselves in these stories and I hope that they get a glimpse into the lives of others. And I hope they have a good time and that their idea of what opera is and what opera can be gets shaken up a little bit!”