Composer Felix Jarrar to Present ‘I’m Glad You Peaced Out: A Concert for PRIDE’

By David Salazar

Composer Felix Jarrar is set to present “I’m Glad You Peaced Out: A Concert for PRIDE” on June 18, 2022.

The showcase, which will take place at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 starting at 4:30 p.m., will feature Jarrar alongside soprano Marina Harris, tenor Gabriel Hernandez, and baritone Jose Cuartas.

The program will include music by Jarrar that feature LGBTQ+ themes, including “The Ulster County Songbook Volume II” which he called the “centerpiece” of the program.

“I wrote the text and music for this past fall and winter as a way of processing a heartbreak,” the composer told OperaWire. “While much LGBTQIA+ centered art functions as a trauma fetish, I wanted to present a very difficult moment in my personal life as a queer artist in a very direct and relatable way.

Also on the program is a selection from “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

“In my libretto and score for the opera, I wrote the role of the Narrator as a queer woman who kills her father, the old man in the story, because he does not accept her for who she is,” Jarrar added regarding why this piece fits into this concert.

He also noted that there will performances of  “Geliebter komm” from Wagner’s “Tanhauser,” which will be sung by Harris as well as “Malheureux roi” from Berlioz’sLes Troyens.”

“This aria, sung by the prophetess Cassandre, describes the vision she has of Troy falling to the Greeks,” Jarrar noted. “At the end of everything, Pride, at its heart, is a protest – a protest of the status quo, heteronormativity, and the dismantling of the gender binary. Few riots in opera are as grand as the fall of Troy in Berlioz’s masterpiece, and I thought it would contrast with some of the more intimate pieces on the program.”