Cleveland Orchestra Gifted Manuscript of Mahler’s Second Symphony

By David Salazar

The Cleveland Orchestra received an autographed manuscript of Mahler’s Symphony No. 2 “Resurrection.”

The gift was made by philanthropist Herbert G. Kloiber, who is one of the Trustees of the organization. The 232-page historic document will be preserved in collaboration with the Cleveland Museum of Art where it will be available for public viewing.

“When I acquired the Mahler autograph score, I knew I was doing so only as a temporary caretaker, responsible for finding a permanent home for this magnificent document,” Kloiber said in an official press release.“My experiences with The Cleveland Orchestra in recent years, both on tour in Europe and in its wonderful concert hall at Severance Music Center, moved me to conclude that it would provide a wonderful home for this great document to reside.”

The ensemble will present Mahler’s Symphony No. 2 on Sept. 29 and 30th to open the 2022-23 season. Franz Welser-Möst will conduct those performances which will be dedicated to Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Kloiber.

“Personally, and on behalf of The Cleveland Orchestra, I am incredibly grateful for my dear friend Herbert Kloiber for his most generous gift of the Mahler autograph score,” Welser-Möst added. “The first time Herbert showed me the manuscript was a deeply moving occasion. As a musician and especially as a conductor, this is one of the most special moments you can experience in your life. To see Mahler’s handwriting on the page and to follow his process, one feels even closer to the composer and to this masterpiece.”