City Lyric Opera to Present ‘The Garden of Alice’

By Francisco Salazar

City Lyric Opera is set to present the American premiere of Elizabeth Raum’s “The Garden of Alice.”

The opera, which will be headlined by soprano Laura Soto-Bayomi playing the lead role of Alice, is a twist on the Lewis Carrol classic “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

In a statement Megan Gillis, co-founder and executive director of City Lyric Opera, and producer of CLO’s rendition of The Garden of Alice, said, “We wanted to pick an opera that is cheerful and colorful, yet edgy and thought-provoking. The Garden of Alice merges both the adult and child worlds in a mesmerizing, strange and beautiful way! Alice finds herself alone, bored, and afraid—a frightening place we all recently visited collectively.”

The work will be presented from May 17 through 21, 2022 at the Blue Building.