Christine Goerke & Kate Lindsey Lead Wolf Trap Opera 2020 Guest Alumni Instructors List

By Dejan Vukosavljevic
(Credits: LA Philharmonic official website / Opus 3 Artists official website)

The Wolf Trap Opera Summer 2020 residency program, which includes 40 artists, has entered its final stages.

Members have initially quarantined for a period of two weeks in order to ensure the COVID-19-free environment. During that period, artists engaged in virtual coaching and group sessions with the guest alumni, including Renée Fleming, Eric Owens, Christine Goerke, Tamara Wilson, Jamie Barton, Michelle DeYoung, David Portillo, Ryan McKinny, Kate Lindsey, and Denyce Graves.

The residency program has been redesigned due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic concerns. All artists have been required to maintain proper social distancing and to wear facemasks at all times, except when singing.

The full list of the artists includes Christopher Bozeka, Jonathan Bryan, Kidon Choi, Chanáe Curtis, Thomas Glass, Mackenzie Gotcher, Megan Esther Grey, Calvin Griffin, Shannon Jennings, Gretchen Krupp, Yunuet Laguna, Leia Lensing, Conor McDonald, Brian Michael Moore, Nicholas Newton, Alexandra Nowakowski, Wm. Clay Thompson, Ann Toomey, Justin Burgess, Blake Denson, Julia Gershkoff, Saane Halaholo, Jeremy Harr, Mary Hoskins, Samuel Kidd, Fran Daniel Laucerica, Brittany Logan, Cory McGee, Tayte Mitchell, Wayd Odle, Jazmine Olwalia, Alex Peart, Virginia Reed, Hayden Smith, Emily Treigle, Yuri Aoki, Rose Freeman, Alex Munger, Sarah Jane Pelzer, and William Woodard.

The Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts is a nonprofit organization that produces and presents performance and education programs nationwide.