Choral Chameleon to Celebrate 15th Season with World’s First Choral Rave

By Operawire Staff

On January 20, 2023, Choral Chameleon in collaboration with FEVER will present “Bigger Than My Song,” a multi-disciplinary, experimental performance which blends choral music with rave style.

Held at The Space at Irondale in Brooklyn, this genre-bending dance party will remix Top 100 pop songs from past decades, sung by over 50 a cappella voices, and led by DJ HeTheyWe. Selections include artists such as Rhianna, Netta, Bee Gees, Ariana Grande, Whitney Houston, and more. The event comes as Choral Chameleon celebrates its 15th year of unconventional choral presentations.

“We want choral music to do a better job of showing up in the larger arts and humanities conversations worldwide, and the future of this important human art form lies in interdisciplinary collaboration,” said Vince Peterson, Founder and Artistic Director of Choral Chameleon, in an official press statement. “We want to meet people where they are using something like a pop song that has curb appeal and then usher them lovingly into the realization that they are dancing to choral music – an art form they would never have expected to see or hear in this more casual context.”

Tickets are available for $50, with VIP tickets for $75, which includes early access to the experience for a live a cappella set from the company, a free drink, and seating in the VIP lounge during the performance.