Chicago Fringe Opera Awarded American Prize In Opera Performance For ‘The Great God Pan’

By Nicole Kuchta

Chicago Fringe Opera has won the American Prize in Opera Performance, professional division, 2018-19 for its world premiere performance of Rosśa Crean’s “The Great God Pan.”

The supernatural chamber opera, based on Arthur Machen’s novella which “explores themes of scientific hubris, transcendental medicine, and unexplainable supernatural behavior,” premiered on Mar. 10, 2018.

The production starred Christina Pecce as Helen, Aaron Wardell as Raymond, Tobias Wright as Clarke, Vince Wallace as Villiers, Bridget Skaggs as Austin, Maureen Smith as Mary, Mark Haddad as Herbert, Marysa Abbas as Trevor, Quinn Middleman as Rachel, and Thomas Bailey as Meyrick. Catherine O’Shaughnessy led the orchestra, and Tyler Kivel and Casey Baker were featured on pianos.

The company excitedly shared its win via Facebook: “We are thrilled to receive The American Prize in Opera Performance for last season’s ‘The Great God Pan,’ directed by our very own George Cederquist! Thank you to Rosśa Crean for this fantastic work. We can’t wait to bring you more stunning performances this season!”

Second Place in the division went to Queen City Opera for its “Don Giovanni,” while Third Place went to Hawaii Performing Arts Festival for “The Mikado.” The Special Judges’ Citation (“Unusual Repertoire & Free Admission Equals ‘One Hot Ticket'”) went to Chatham Concert Opera for “The King’s Henchman.”